Four ways in which our job board differs

Our job board offers distinct features compared to traditional job boards like indeed, Monster, Reed and others. We encourage those on the lookout for their next job opportunity and employers to provide clarity from the outset for better outcomes and a less stressful experience.

1/ Avoid feeling overwhelmed by a large number of irrelevant job listings and zero in on your job opportunities quickly by setting your job preferences – choose what to keep and what to discard. The results will then be narrowed down to show you vacancies that fit your criteria for consideration and choose to be notified about future new jobs. 

2/ We help you check your job eligibility. Do you Qualify to Apply? We deduce the must-have and desirable job statements from the job posting, comparing them against your scroll details. 

3/ Pay it forward—help someone else by sharing information through comments if you are no longer interested in a vacancy. Post a comment on the job listing. It’s anonymous.

4/ Track your job application details and receive notifications when a job posting is no longer accepting applications, as we regularly check its status.