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Our discoveries on the ever changing job market which impacts and influences our career journeys.

  • Job searching time of day poll results

    Job searching time of day poll results

    Ever wondered when, during a week, does someone spend time searching for their next job? We did. According to our latest poll for the UK job market, it turns out that when we are proactively looking for our next role, over 70% (of our poll voters), are quite comfortable searching during working hours or whenever…

  • Product Owner salary ranges

    Product Owner salary ranges

    We’ve been contacting company internal recruitment teams asking for product owner salary ranges when none is provided with a Product Owner job posting. We’ve emailed, tweeted, and filled out web forms in the hope of getting an answer. Out of 81 product owner jobs (UK based) this week, 48 had unknown salary ranges. We only…

  • Product Owner job listings review

    Product Owner job listings review

    We just completed a manual review of UK based Product Owner jobs posted in the last 24 hours with a single job listing website (who shall remain nameless).  We discovered that from their search results of 36: Incredibly that’s a ~47% wastage. A large contributing factor to that wastage is that jobs are advertised for…

  • Working from home is here to stay

    Working from home is here to stay

    Hybrid working aka working from home days is here to stay. It has to in order to attract talented people. It would be nice if we kept to a simple formula like ‘work from home 2 days a week’. However, companies are experimenting and with recent job vacancies we’ve seen some interesting variations on this…