Insights into Product Management Jobs in the UK (April 2024)

For those interested in what’s happening in the world of product management jobs, here are some insights from our analysis of this part of the UK job market this year:

  • Fully remote jobs at the senior and most senior product leader levels do exist
  • Hybrid jobs are most popular, even up north!
  • Surprisingly, a job listing in London for a Product Manager has been open to new applications for over 3 months!
  • Contract Product Manager jobs in London pay well, £600 – £700 per day
  • There are ~100 new Product Owner job listings per week across the UK
  • Banking and Adtech industries have the highest compensation packages
  • There’s a growing trend where a job description has both Product Owner role responsibilities and Product Manager role responsibilities listed and is listed as Product Manager but the job is predominately product ownership.


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