Did you know that apparently the UK is ‘most generous’ with their working from home – flexible working policies. Go 🇬🇧 ! ***

We’re enjoying the insights we’re getting from our jobs data that defines what is most generous for the UK. Here’s what the numbers are for our favourite job title (we do have them for other roles too though some titles have very small datasets):

Where Product Owners in the UK need to work from based on just under 600 recent job listings:

Always on-site 160  (27%)

Fully remote       79  (13%)

Hybrid         344  (59%)

Only 30% of companies have published their Work From Home (WFH) policy publicly.

Here’s the current split of Hybrid WFH for Product Owners:

1 day per week: 1%

2 days per week: 15%

3 days per week: 11%

4 days per week: 3%

Any surprises there?

Employer viewpoint:

If you’re setting or reviewing work policy it’s worth bearing these figures in mind and think carefully about what you’re going to set at different levels: role > team > company.

Individual viewpoint:

If you’re on the lookout for your next role and hoping for more flexibility, you might be waiting a long time for a 4 day a week WFH vacancy to appear, and then you’ve still got to compete to get a job offer. So, it’s probably worth you being more flexible and reducing your expectations on WFH days.

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