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  • Free Prize Draw! Closes on 12 April 2024

    Free Prize Draw! Closes on 12 April 2024

    We are delighted to announce our first ever free prize draw that supports continued learning and development in the workplace.  Anyone can enter our free prize draw to win 1 Scrum.Org PSPO I exam fee (worth USD$200). It’s aimed at those interested in Product Ownership whether it’s curiosity in understanding what the Scrum framework is…

  • Product Owner Resources

    Product Owner Resources

    Here’s a list of product owner resources that are worth a browse if you’re looking to learn more about the role or already a software product owner as a refresher. Understanding the role More on product management Frameworks and models Training and conferences Fun!

  • What does a Software Product Owner do?

    What does a Software Product Owner do?

    A Product Owner in the software world sits between the business and software development team. They ensure that value, defined by the business – Product Managers – is translated and realised as quickly as possible by the development team who decide how to implement that value. A Product Owner role is NOT a scrum master…

  • What Course Should I Do Next?

    What Course Should I Do Next?

    Training, tests and courses are a part of life, and have been since a young age. From the early years of school grades and GCSEs, right through until the final years of your career, you will probably be taking courses. Companies and employers often demand this development of their potential employees and existing staff, but…