Working from home is here to stay

Hybrid working aka working from home days is here to stay. It has to in order to attract talented people.

It would be nice if we kept to a simple formula like ‘work from home 2 days a week’. However, companies are experimenting and with recent job vacancies we’ve seen some interesting variations on this theme including:

‘In office once a fortnight’

‘10 days per month in office’

‘Must be in office on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays’

‘50:50 working from home and in the office within 50 miles of the office, and 1 day a week for those further than 50 miles.’

Good thing that as part of our job board features, you can filter job openings based on the minimum number of home working days per week you’re ideally looking for.

But like all things the filter option is only as good as the source data. At the moment only 1 in 6 hybrid jobs (~17%) state this clearly within the vacancy posting details. And not all companies share this information up front when the vacancy is first made available. Some companies use it as a negotiating tactic as part of the job offer. Here’s one statement as an example:

“All UK employees are eligible to request flexible working arrangements.”

Uh huh. We mentally gave that company minus points as it raises more questions than gives clarity of answers when job searching. 

If you do happen to find out how flexible hybrid working is for a specific vacancy, you can always share it with the rest of the community anonymously on our job board too. Great if you contribute to strengthening the power of the jobseeker pack – pay it forward!


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