Attracting candidates to a job poll results

Our poll results are in!!  We asked:

Which one of these is your most painful problem when attracting external candidates to a job?

And ran the attracting candidates poll for two weeks, getting these results:

Our three learnings:

1/ Only 14 people voted which had us doubting ourselves for a split second there wondering if it’s a big enough pain point that needs solving. We think it is. 

2/ We need to take a closer look at why ATS systems are so painful.

3/ Nearly two-thirds of voters can’t find the right candidate. That’s exactly why we’re developing Qualify to Apply, job matching that shows internal recruiters that candidates do or don’t exist depending on their viewpoint. And shows people what opportunities are out there to help further their career.

To learn more about Qualify to Apply and get early access, do get in touch


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