Product Owner job listings review

We just completed a manual review of UK based Product Owner jobs posted in the last 24 hours with a single job listing website (who shall remain nameless). 

We discovered that from their search results of 36:

  • 14 listed as Product Owner jobs were actually listed as Product Manager or Scrum Master roles (shouldn’t have been included in search results) and 2 out of 14 were wrongly titled as Product Owner.
  • Of the remaining 22 Product Owner roles, 3 weren’t valid job opportunities anymore so that gives a real total of 19.

Incredibly that’s a ~47% wastage. A large contributing factor to that wastage is that jobs are advertised for a set number of days regardless of whether or not the vacancy is still accepting new applications.

We want to help those looking for their next role avoid going down rabbit holes and save time. That’s why we curate and double check what appears on our Job Search page.


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