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Job Covering Letter Checklist

Good for you! You’re applying for a new job. Even in this modern day and age, when applying for a job, everyone still advises that you should write a job cover  letter to stand out from the crowd. And that covering letter needs to be tailored to the job applying for. It’s no good writing a stock job cover letter – it will be spotted and your job application may quickly end up being in the reject pile. So read our Job Covering Letter Checklist to make sure that you write a good job cover letter that helps you get to the interview stage!

Contents of a job cover letter

  • Provide your contact details:
    • email address
    • phone number
  • Date it!
  • Address the letter to the person who posted the job:
    • ‘Dear Mr. Jones’
    • ‘To Whom It May Concern’
    • ‘Dear Sir/Madam’
  • Include the job title
  • Include the job reference number
  • First paragraph:
    • Mention the job you’re applying for
    • Where you found the job listing
  • Middle paragraphs:
    • Discuss your qualifications. Why you are a qualified candidate for this position?
    • Relate back to the job description given and reference it.
    • What work experience do you have that fits the job requirements?
  • Final paragraph:
    • Say that you look forward to discussing your qualifications further
    • ‘Feel free to call me at <contact number>, to arrange a time to meet. I look forward to hearing from you.’
    • Don’t forget to thank them for their time.
    • If the job application asks questions, make sure that you include the answers in your covering letter
  • Save the covering letter with your name in the filename (for your records)
  • Don’t forget to add anything new back into your master job cover letter